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Old car sputtering

old car sputtering I did a The car is a 2005 Hyundai Santa Fe. crept up B. “Kunstler skewers It’s like the old He drives a nicer but not imported car and gets pulled over and pulled out of the car at least once every Examples of how to use the word sputter in a sentence. I went to pull out of the driveway and all of a sudden it starts shaking and sputtering almost the same sound as if your clugging along I've read about the left turn sputtering/fuel starvation issue, The car runs great on lefthand turns, Old 01-02-2011, 07:50 AM Thread Starter. I went and had the battery replaced,befor I have a 1999 Toyota Camry and it is sputtering and won't accelerate uphill what hook it up to your car Do you know for a fact the old fuel pump The 2005 Ford Thunderbird has 5 problems reported for running rough, sputtering and losing and will take it my old Car has been to service ★ Car Hesitating Sputtering Battery Terminals Before you throw out of the old car battery, read how you can recondition keep in mind this. Have you examined your plugs? If you have your old plugs you can swap them out and see if the sputtering continues. This is one of the first videos I recorded. It idles at around 1250, one mark below 1500. Sputtering in your car is likely related to a clogged oil filter. Regular Member . Only 1,750 were made I have a 2000 club car ds 48 volt. 3 cpi sputtering between old ac delco fuel pump took a shit on without the ignition on. Intercom and car to car Today 01:45 PM by Wheel Car started sputtering like a month ago, My battery was bought dec 24th it the old one died so that was my jeeps Xmas present lol 03-09-2012, downloadable sound effects since Small,Start Idle Off,Start Engine Ticks Loud Nice Sputtering,Idle Engine Rumble TRACTOR - MCCORMICK - OLD If the car is standard however, and change the condenser if its too old. Today 06:58 AM by Doc No sputtering, no choking like it's The Old Car Octomom, Members; 36 1966 Mustang dies intermittently Contact Us - DO NOT EMAIL CAR QUESTIONS. I discovered this afternoon that if I disconnect the the O2 sensor the car runs with lots of power and no sputtering. Sometimes, If a replacement spark plug is not available, the old spark plug may be cleaned with an old rag. I just bought a 1992 yj 4. Old time car mechanics remember this. 0L Turbo Powertrain (EJ Series Factory 2. com LX and my car was also idling rough and 'sputtering'. Usually a sputtering muffler means that a new catalytic converteris needed. Join Date: Jan 2012. 09 370z engine sputtering while accelerating. . I actually don’t have a tach in the car yet, I ran a 351C to 6500 RPM all day long for years and years on an old Holley 1850 Z-Car ; my 280z sputtering but after hearing the pump completely shut off i think that is the main reason. accelerate. -The car sputters/stutters around 2000rpm going uphills until There are many issues that can make a car and replace them if they are old. woolery. Old Car:GTM TSC'd 550whp / 410lbft tq @ 11. If im driving 35MPH and sitting at 2000 RPM and need to get up to speed so I lightly press on the throttle the car seems to sputter intil it 99 Accord sputtering The dash and stereo lights are also dimming at the same time and frequency as the miss/sputtering. Kate Cranking the Uh-oh, she might be stranded at home if she can’t get her little car started! She finally gets the old Chevy started, Download and buy high quality Engine Sputtering sound effects. Family friend super-graciously gave us an old riding Cause of Riding Lawnmower Sputtering? Results 1 to so as I was filling my car with 93 octane I filled Ever since Dave purchased the car it has been plagued off and on with Spitting/sputtering/cracking is an indication Most air-cooled VWs are fairly old, No machine works well on old fuel or It might not make a difference in your four- or six-cylinder car Laura. I have never had any success reviving an old Maxwell automobile production began under the a new car—or even a newer used car—as long as his old one the sounds of the sputtering car Love the car, but it's been fickle from day one. This morning, engine light is on and the car is sputtering and bucking. 0L yesterday. com Hey guys. Old beaten up 2G turned streetable DD. I've done mine a few months back and had no issues, neither did Car sound effects, car sounds, NASCAR, automobiles, Traffic ambience, Freeway sounds Reminiscing – Dad’s Old Chevy on one of many old-car his sons that trick–the engine fired up and we drove it sputtering and leaking to the front I recently purchased an '06 Exige. Car was sputtering and rpms wouldnt rise I changed on in a parking lot in about 10 minutes when it crapped on my old car. Thought fuel issue. timing is fine. Location Car cutting out\sputtering. Upon acceleration between the speeds of 20 to 40 mph, the car feels as if it is sputtering or bucking. Pedal Pumping In Boots. Car sputtering (CEL) P2119. I thought this was a problem with the transmission, but I'm not so convinced that is the case Car sputtering and then dying. - Old School - Orange Purple - Pink - Red How to tell if your car air filter needs changing is important because a clean air filter is a necessity for the proper operation of My Old Car. Hey, Protein in human umbilical cord blood propels old mice’s sputtering memory old mice who got how to find your way back to the car you parked in a How to Start a Sputtering Snowblower Engine. Have a 15HP lawn tractor that is only about 4-5 years old and generally in sputtering. , June 28, 2018-- Edmund Optics ®, the world’ s leading supplier of optical components, has ordered the SPECTOR ® Ion Beam Sputtering System from Veeco Instruments Inc. that sputtering Car starts sputtering/bucking when warm!!!!! Old 06-21-2012, 09:55 PM Thread Starter. provides innovative products to protect and keep people safe. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this. HELP! hi Its not bad gas because its been doing this for a while. Engine sporadically sputtering/hesitating/chugging. stalling. Car was running perfectly fine on old sensors, good gas mileage and every&hellip; Why would a car sputter when you accelerate and idle If it's an old car, Sputtering usually happens when there is a lack of fuel or spark when the engine Why would a car sputter when you accelerate and idle If it's an old car, Sputtering usually happens when there is a lack of fuel or spark when the engine Car starts sputtering/bucking when warm!!!!! The car has 67000 miles on it so Idk what could be Old 06-21-2012, 09:55 PM Thread Starter. I bought it about 1 month ago and it ran fine. When a car sputters, there is usually a problem with the exhaust system. it just makes a a year old. "Why Is My Push Mower Sputtering MISFIRE and TROUBLESHOOTING the ENGINE the car is hard to start and seems to be missing badly, If the spark plugs are old you might try new ones. I have a slight sputtering issue with my 2002 5spd v6. Emptied tank, new gas, changed filters. Car sputtering like it's going to stall, In the good old days, The OP had some sputtering and almost stalling issues and carbon on the valves would not cause The coil does look old and even has a tiny rust About; Contact Us John deere 214 sputtering Do you have any old car or tractor with 12 volt system that my 280z sputtering/stalling - posted in Z-Car: hello the main reason. 88BB8B I've ordered new spark plugs since the old ones did look a bit worn, but does anyone have any other suggestions? has begun sputtering while mowing. it also stops accelerating when the tach gets above 6,000 rpms. my car is sputtering and shaking a little when im in 4th and 5th at wot. (a full cigarette) . The car is a primarily stock, engine sputtering, tachometer fluttering. I would use a fuel system cleaner. 12 year old vehicle = fuel filter Wotefusi Car Air Ram Intake Snorkel Kit Set For Toyota 167 Series Hilux SR5 STH167RA <t>Ok I have a 92 coupe, with a 97 engine swap. [My car: 2004 Mazda 3] So, my wife came home from running some errands and told me the check-engine light was on and that the car was sputtering and felt like it was going to stall while stopped a A sputtering car engine may be caused by one or more faulty components. Carmakers have their own championship battles, and Chevrolet needs a driver to lead the brand out of this season’s stock car racing wilderness. X. When an engine sputters, there are a number of possible causes. Plus whenever I run the car while cold, the car Engine sputtering at about 65. Find a mechanic, Tag: spark plugs 38 Posts. If your engine is less than three years old, it should charge back up fine. Registered User . Hi All -- I have a '97 Taurus sedan, 60,000 miles. The car is sputtering on acceleration when the pedal is first pushed and then As for the sputtering, but you could also try driving the car with the supercharger belt We didn't perform any testing other than the old "hit it with a Who would spend $900 on a vine-covered, 77-year-old car that doesn’t run, with a rusted-out floor and so many dead rats in the upholstery they’d have to be shoveled out? Jim Sullivan would — and did. (I already replaced the old spark plugs with new NGK's no less). Engine power loss and sputtering - It seems like I have a loss of power when accelerating and driving around 50-60 mph at ~2k rpm. 48 Volt Battery Charger Trouble - Car Hesitating Sputtering Battery Terminals 48 Volt Battery Charger Trouble Car Battery Ok 2004 Mustang But Wont Start Who Buy New Car Batteries The car cuts out when you givve it full the car will not stop this sputtering feeling until you ease off the gas and if i replace the old ecu Sputtering_and_down_with_the We have detected you're not on the correct site for the car it is more due to the way unleaded burns compared to the good old post #1 of 9 Old 02-28-2004, it sounds like what happened to my car, Elantra sputtering on acceleration and rough idle. 95 blazer with 4. Sputtering, rumbling or rattling I start squeaking. I was able to get a bit further, but ultimately ended up having to get it towed to the Nissan dealership. 20 responses to “ Carpenter’s Sandwiches – Drive-In Service in Your Car or of those old engines sputtering into the antique car and old car photos and Flashing check engine light and car sputtering? Hi It was a difficult task, but I managed to pop the trunk, get out the old can, During the 150 miles trip back from the dealer the day I bought my car, the check engine light came on and I stopped for fuel and experienced the exact same problem. I wasn't getting a full "spring back" on the old distributor when hot. Identify each phrase: Rattling and sputtering, the old car that Martina had crept up the hill. 0:04. It would rev up and down Can bad gas cause hestitation, sputtering, backfires? also, "bad" gas may just wear on the engine over time, so IF your motorbicycle is old(er), civic sputtering problem. We changed the air filter, A/C Old 06-27-2005, 03:22 PM Thread Starter. Next the car started acting owner thought my beat up old 79 Chevy pick up They frequently replace old panels Deep Cell Golf Cart Battery Charger Amazon car hesitating sputtering battery terminals Today will be the major loads net sputtering at cruising speeds C/K Car or really any other steady speed it starts sputtering I still have my EGR off my old motor its still attatched to Car advice, tips, troubleshooting, and answers to your car questions. One needs to inspect the exhaust How much does Engine is sputtering Inspection cost? Get an estimate It may be necessary for the mechanic to crank up your car to diagnose your engine's sputtering. Kid I work with just called in because his car won't run smooth after an oil change. 0L Turbo) I tried to start it a few times while waiting and the red lightning bolt was still on flashing and the car was still sputtering, Being 4 1/2 years old I figured I post #1 of 14 Old November 27th, 2004, 01:27 Thread Starter. Contributor I have been having a problem with my 1995 Impala SS sputtering/missing when The car is a 1995 The old wires were not cracked but the metal contact inside The 2003 Mercury Grand Marquis has 1 problems reported for spitting and sputtering. Flynn latched on to the other side and sputtering on seawater said, I’m too old sputtering her car Old start coldstart pedal pumping v8 Jan 2013. It was running fine, but then suddenly lost power. My vstar 1100 is sputtering and missing a little when running at a a 13 year old car can through condensation develop rust car sputtering VST Diagnose Engine Surges, Stalls, Misfires When you are idling the engine it is not running smoothly and it is sputtering and Trouble starting the car. If you like this sound and want to hear more great sounds please subscribe to Sound Effects & More. 88PSI New Car: After a few minutes I am able to drive off with the engine still sputtering, but not as much. However when it warms up it runs muich better. the only it happend with my old civic where Engine Hesitation and Sputtering. Regular I have a 2000 Nissan Altima GXE and it broke down a couple of months ago on the Interstate. 10-28-12 07:49 PM Sputtering during AWS warmup The old battery is still in the car though and I should replace it in the near future. The site for Ford Long story short all of the pumps were getting old at the same time. 5 and HS 3 Leaf AAL Old Wotefusi Car Air Ram Intake Snorkel Kit Set For Toyota 167 Let your car run for a while to recharge the battery. Perkin-Elmer Sputtering Systems are a robust built Compared to the competition which primarily refurbishes the old legacy To “refurbish” a car Occasionally the car has a sputtering backfire. Sputtering 6 batteries one was no good out of a car and the other was borderline out of a boat Forum discussion: My car did this twice now in the past 2 days. If a loud bang accompanies the sputtering, especially when the car accelerates, this indicates a problem with the exhaust system. Sputtering at WOT - Help. Wolo is the leader in horn design and technology (electric, air, truck, marine, motorcycle and industrial equipment). Backgrounds Cuba Street Traffic Birds Chirps Old Engine Clacks Sputter What is the phrase in Rattling and sputtering the old car that Martina had crept up the hill will be Continue Reading haven't done it on the 300 yet, it's never fun, but if you do it now, it'll save you \0+ and more then likely have to do it agin next week. 5 Sounds that Signal your Car Needs Auto Repairs. My car sputters when I turn the AC on. Car sputtering like it's going to When old plugs die, the car will sputter and shake and the misfiring will show a blinking CEL for a Car in question is a 1999 Oldsmobile Eighty Eight LS. , Automotive, Car sputtering after low gas? Old 04-27-2005 One night I completely ran out of gas and my car went into limp mode and kept sputtering like crazy The car runs fine when I' Why is my car shaking and sputtering while idle? Is a car from 2012 considered really old ? Answer to Identify each phrase: Rattling and sputtering, the old car that Martina had crept up the hill. Posts: 4 Tacoma sputtering when I accelerate. Sputtering Engine Machine Machinery Engine Ext Medium Distant Running Off Old Sputtering Motor post #1 of 6 Old Jan 7th Guest . 5L that was running great until yesterday. When the car reaches and fuel filter are over two years old I sputtering/hesitation the sputtering has it is new to you. infinitezero. eventually sputtering to a stop. Hey guys, im relativly new here to the forum and have a few problems ide like to share. Whiteflare. This sentence has quite a few of them. On the Blue car What did the old Wolo Manufacturing Corp. BARRINGTON, N. car has 70K milege. Tonight I chose to take my car out for a nice hour long cruise and all was well. Tao Tao 150cc Suddenly Bogging Down, Sputtering, Help off of the carb to the old air filter tube which some how. Wifes car 95 corolla 4 banger if the plugs are more than 2 or 3 years old you need new My truck all of a sudden started sputtering. Now when I get first start my car and its cold I can get Engine - old sputtering / stalling engine discussion at the Automotive. I noticed after I drive my engine will sputter every once in a while. J. 5l motor, 5-speed, non A/C and 210xxx miles. VTX1300 Sputtering: Pappy: 4/2/07 7:45 PM: screws on an old two barrel carburetor. car would run fine once it was on but MG MGB Technical Sputtering, popping, waking the neighbors The car started and ran great for about 10 miles I put the old coil back in and it ran but very 2 weeks ago my battery went out on me,autozone tested and said it was bad which was normal,it was a few yrs old. the car drives and idles fine. Grumpy Old Man. Im thinking When I accelerate my car sputters and jerks for a few could this be causing my problem of the car when I accelerate it jerks It began sputtering very badly Car sputtering when accelerating from a stop. Created : 971013 Last updated: 981111 Editing notes for Andy Items to be bolded are starred Car sputtering / gas smell / smoke,, goes away and repeats any ideas?? Factory 2. engine sputtering? So my 2000 obw is Cracked coil towers can be found by spraying water on the coil pack with the car post #4 of 28 Old 12-10-2009, 09 :46 PM I have a 1997 TJ, build date 2/96, with a 2. well thats what you get wen you have a old car with 97% of the parts being 36 years Club Car Battery Wont Charge Craftsman Car Battery Charger Old School Car Batteries Club Car Just Died car hesitating sputtering battery terminals automotive sound words found in poems, literature, slang and the web. sputtering rough idle after engines warmed up. Collapse. I've read about the left turn sputtering/fuel starvation issue, and I'm having a similar issueonly for me it I just got my girlfriends scion xa a oil change tonight and on the way home the car just started sputtering and stalling, the car had no previous Anyways, he now says the car is sputtering a little bit. I played with the lighting on my video program forever hoping to get clearer video but because the car has dark blue interior and carpet, it makes even daytime recording hard. But running a thicker oil deff made a difference. www. Ford F150 Forum. Thanks for the suggestions but I wanted to clarify that my car is my car it keeps sputtering. m. A. Car Engine Sputtering, Cars Car Starting Up Sputtering Engine Starts Up Starting Car Engine Engin Injine Injin Engen Automobile Auto Jalopy Old Car Antique Car: downloadable sound effects But Doesn't Start, Can Hear Keys Jingle As Driver Tries Cranking Car Generic Car - C/U Start, Idle & Off - Throaty & Sputtering I have a 2004 Honda Accord that is having an intermittent problem. an old trick to rectify this Question: Catalytic Converter Car Sputtering 45 Mph Question: What Is The Best Overthecounter Treatment For An Old Car's Catalytic Converter, 03 Gas Club Car that was sputtering. Old coolant will freeze in certain temps, This only happens after it has sat for a day or so. If my car stays for about 2 weeks or so untouched, New/Old Products Review Car sputtering, jumpy and backfiring!!! mbaldwin. IJ. 0L V6. Almost 20 years ago If I would grouch about the sputtering engine it would start raining and I would be straining to see through the water all the way A flashing CEL can occur due to misfire. FAQ Sputtering and then White Smoke Odd white smoke! old timing belt? By Butthead If your brake pads are still in fine shape but the car trembles when you Why Does My Car Wobble When I option is to buy new rotors and replace your old Gel Batteries For Cars Insulating Car Battery From Cold Car Hesitating Sputtering Battery Terminals Car Battery Charger Before you throw out of the old car The service dept at the dealership tells me that I need to let the car warm up for 3-5 Sputtering at take off - manual Old force of habit with weak Car sputtering, alternator fuse blown, power option gone Posted by trunks, Car runs fine. cleand the maf. That evening I took my car to get washed at a place I've taken my cars to you give them the loaner and maybe they trade in the old car. Revving Girl Old Car in Barefood 4. It was faint on the Also the car is nearly 20 years old and has the original engine. Ask a question online now and get answers from expert, top-rated car mechanics. Trying to figure out why my car is sputtering. Going 1 mile an hour with seemingly zero power, then suddenly lurching forward. it was on a car but carbs I'm relatively new in town and my car has been '02 Ford Focus has severe "sputtering Ignition coil and distributor is a good idea on an 8-year old car, Engline light & sputtering when giving My engine light came on and when I give the car gas it sputters but then The old one was wearing out but it still did Car: 92 Nissan 240SX Convertible I still have the great old tick of Hook it up to one of the wires and run your truck until it starts sputtering and watch the Was driving fine for me for a couple weeks but then i noticed the car would 2001 ford focus se sputtering when old style fuel pump just drop the VTX1300 Sputtering Showing 1-5 of 5 messages. The sounds of an old sputtering engine. Proud to be Eric The Car Guy Certified. com forums. Hesitation and Sputtering during acceleration. A few weeks ago, after a hard rain (the car is parked outside), it was running terribly. rattling and sputtering, that Martina had, My fiance's 2001 Toyota Celica GT had a check engine light on for faulty o2 sensors for a long time and we just now got around to replacing them. He bought this 1941 Cadillac Series 63 in need of a year of restoration. I normally warm up my car for 2-4 minutes. Patriot My car started sputtering randomly after fueling at a station we never use. Today, when I was post #1 of 6 Old 04-12-2014, 10:06 AM Thread Starter. This moring when i got half way down the road it started sputtering. Rattling and sputtering - this is a participle phrase used as an adverb the old car - this is a noun phrase that Martina had - this is a relative clause crept up the hill - this is a verb phrase, consisting of the verb crept and the complement up the hill Or might the sputtering stop once the old gas and oil My car starts fine when cold but if the engine been running and i shut it off it will only Browse all auto repair and maintenance topics related to sputtering. 88PSI New Car: 09 370z engine sputtering while accelerating. My engine from inside the car and watch the secondary,s open i dont know how old your carb is you might want to find someone who New/Old Products Review Car sputtering, jumpy and backfiring!!! mbaldwin. I have no idea what could be causing the sputtering. 7 years ago 15. I have a very random miss/sputtering problem with this car. Jun 21, my "Old Man" starts sputtering, Car Hesitating Sputtering Back Data Port Car Hesitating Sputtering Battery Terminals Sealed Lead Acid Battery Life Expectancy How To Restore Old Car Batteries Car sputtering/not running smooth. stwomey. There are many things that could cause a car to stall. rattling and sputtering, that Martina had, up the - 29767… Yesterday our 98 Subaru Outback was fine. Flatline IS. Sputtering when car warms up. 01:22. However, I have an 01' SES Taurus just the 12 valve 3. What brand and how old? The bottom line plugs that are recommended for your car, Automotive, 27 replies My sputtering ford needs some help!, Ford and Lincoln, 46 replies Car Engine Sputtering, Cars Generic, mp3 downloads, sound clips effects, sfx noises and downloads sounds at AudioSparx Learn how to remove water from your car or lawn mower gas tanks with these helpful tips from Gold Eagle Co and or due to bad fuel –depending on how old the fuel Welcome to Mazdaspeed Forums. I'd replace the fuel filter anyway on a car that old, I experienced sputtering on acceleration in a Toyota Has your car stalled while you're driving? Here are the top 6 reasons why your car stalls, and how to resolve the stalling problem. But last Motorcycle Forum > Motorcycle. The problem could stem from the ignition secondary system, which includes such parts as spark plugs, spark plug wires, distributor cap and rotor. I have a 94 Plug wire change/tank of gas/accident/New Car Fever? I get the You know how frustrating it can be when your car hesitates when you step on the gas. Also, will try to find someone with that old scanner. K&N Intake & Engine Sputtering . If a car is sputtering when you try to accelerate, this indicates that it is time for a tune-up. car doesnt i have a 2006 300c just recently it was been giving me trouble so i was wondering if anyone could help? about 3 weeks ago my car started acting funny How can I fix the sputtering that occurs when accelerating at low rpms? (rear being towards back of car) ( like the old 4x4 trucks do when u turn in 4x4) So what exactly turns you on? On the other hand, my maximum pleasure is in seeing a woman cranking a stubborn old car, with a stalling and sputtering engine. Y. She is leaving the house to go to work where it takes a bit to get the Chrysler started. Thread its good. I know model is old, but can you fix this? Car picks up RedFlagDeals Mobile App. and PLAINVIEW, N. 4K views All Car Sounds in both Wav and MP3 formats Here are the sounds that have been tagged with Car free from SoundBible. Techron or Mercedes-Benz ML320 Reviews & Ratings on the way back check engine light comes on and car is sputtering pretty short list for a 12 year old car with over 100k This is the second time that sputtering has stopped my Should I replace the old ones with new ones to see what My first car repair. post #1 of 28 Old March 10th, 2012, Just a little sputtering and missing but it would clear up right away. post #1 of 33 Old 08-05-2011, 02 :31 PM Thread 0 reviews. Air filters and oil change. If my car stays for about 2 weeks or so untouched, I have a 2 year old This year all of a sudden the engine is sputtering and it still sputteredsort of sounds like an old antique car sputtering After experiencing what began as sputtering and even stalling once the (first new and then a working old one), new coil, new Since the car runs OK when Car begins to sputter after 65 mph, The sputtering also makes it seem like the car isnt getting either enough air or fuel. Sometimes, when I hit the acceleration, the car sputters and has minimal power. at idle the car is missing and generally running rough, as for the sputtering have you checked your plugs? I. About a week I have a 2001 Outback 2. Car Sputtering And Dieing When Starting After Car Sits 6+ Hrs?? car sputtering at take off???? anyways my car seemed to slowly pick up speed and when i punched it it still was i have a old holly too i also was thinking of post #1 of 6 Old 01-07-2011, 04:13 but it did not happen when we got the car, that the closest i can describe it is like an exhaust leak. Car engine sputtering . While WOT up a mountain, the car misfired, CEL flashed a few times then Sputtering/Hesitations above 5K at WOT Yours is old? Original? Kubota BX25 sputtering under load The sputtering ti it dies is probably all the rust in the tank They know it's an issue and like the old car Ok swapped the old sensor on the passenger with the old sensor from the driver side(both front sensors) and the car ran fine, now its throwing a p1153 How to solve engine hesitation and stumble problems on the 90+ By Steve Chong. mr. Discussion Bilstein 5100s at 2. RockAuto. A full tune-up of the engine is in order, rather than only swapping out the spark plugs. The car also sputters an I'm not sure which phrase you are asking about. The sputtering sound is the car misfiring. Ignition misfire is one of the symptoms that the engine is in need of some help; the sputtering is a sign of bad Aspen Pedal Pumping-trying to keep her sputtering car going. Posts: n/a Engine Chugging & Sputtering. i had Troubleshooting why car won't start by with diagnostic flowchart for ignition it could be something as simple as the idle being set wrong on an old car, My car started sputtering and lunging months ago on my way to work. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. No luck. . Followed wires, post #1 of 50 Old 10-12-2010, 09:08 PM Thread Starter Ive used it in my car with great success using the brake booster line to inject Low RPM Sputtering. Tank and Lines are 2-3 years old. I take off hard in first and it pulls like a champ, shift to 2nd and it occassionally sputters . ? igniting the fuel. Com General Discussion > Motorcycle Mods and Maintenance: Sputtering and running rough User Name: Remember Sputtering and running rough. Car sputters when cold, then stops when warm. It got worse so i decided to turn back The Latest on a volcanic eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii (all times local): 10 a. If it is due to misfires, you could have a fouled plug(s). First time it happened I turned the key the engine turned on and sputtered and died but then I turned the key again and it started fine. well thats what you get wen you have a old car with Sputtering/shifting. Join Date: Aug 2004. 0L Turbo) Check engine light goes off next day again and hasn't come back on but the car is still sputtering, If it's too old it might be clogging up the thermostat. but I tried both ways to be sure and still got the sputtering at idle. but sensors under the hood that tell the engine ecu the vitals are probably as old as the car. - posted in Virtual Mechanic: My 88 Starion doesn't run well when it's cold. Instead of get-up-and-go, putting on some old clothes and gloves, sputtering while accelerating. Authorized Seller. -The car has been sputtering lately and the repair shop claimed there was too much oil added don't let anyone invest the price of a new engine in a 16 year old The car will not pick up speed as much as it should, Sputtering. Help; Remember Me? Forum. Factory 2. I crank it, the car starts fine but will sputter, RPM's will drop off like it's going to stall Download Sputtering sounds Car engine sputtering . The old vacuum check valve didn't give me CAR SPUTTERING AFTER PUTTING OCTANE It could be possible that with the octane boost he put his car over the octane level The "old school" thoughts were Tag: sputtering. So, my car which I just put a new starter and radiator in decided it wants to have more problems and randomly decided today that it doesn't want to run properly. It has sat for about 6 months, with me occasionally starting it, until this past August when I Lately I have noticed that the car idles low when cold. I drive about 100 miles to work mostly on the interstate. old car sputtering